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At times I get stuck and have no idea what to do next.

The After Dior was fun but it's time to move on.

To where?

I spent time watching fashion shows and YouTube work of other doll artists looking for inspiration.

Unfortunately I found none.

Not that there is no wonderful things out there, but nothing that speaks to me.

So I decided to go back and revisit some old fashion that I have done in the past and give it a new twist and updates.

In 2012, which now seems like a century ago, I did a small collection inspired by Chanel Fall 2012 Paris - Bombay.

I loved the show and was inspired to do my interpretation of the line.

Some of fashion sold, and I still have the orange outfit.

So I have decided to work on this group, update some of the looks, add some wonderful new fabrics that I have and use embroidery and beading to embellish the fashion.

So stay tuned to progress on the new project.

Paris-Bombay revisited.

Till then stay safe.



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