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Victoire Roux

I always liked the Victoire doll line, even though I was not collecting 12" dolls, I liked the look of the doll and the fashion that Chris Stoeckel created for her.

I finally got one, she was the "Sous Les Tropiques" one, the price was right and I thought that hair hair was longer, which is a factor in my doll purchase. Why you ask?

Well I like to do the dolls hair styles myself and like longer hair. I find it easier to style.

So she arrived, I tried to restyle her hair and was not very successful.

This is how she looks in her original box.

This photo is from a current ebay auction.

So I removed her head, and during the Integrity Toys convention in Long beach I get a new head for the body, and peace came to the kingdom.



The head was lying around on my table for a long time without knowing what to do with it. I thought of selling it to someone, but for some reason kept it.

My friend Bill commented on the head and suggest that I find something to do with it and that short hair can be fun in a bob style.

So last convention I found a body to match the head, I actually brought the head with me and was walking around matching the head to a body. I found a body, it was a Jem style which did not matter to me.

The next step was doing something with the hair, and I decided on a turban to hold the top in place.

I liked the look of this and than looked for shoes. I got some boots from Facets for my Victorian outfit, red and black and white. Since the Jem body need bigger shoes than the other fr bodies, I decided to use the black and white boots for this doll. Than the outfit came to be. It had to be in white with some black accents.

The outfit is made of silk dupioni with chins silk lining.

The skirt is closing with a zipper and hook in the back. The jacket closes with some snaps and a hook, decorated with black buttons.

So here she is all decked in her new outfit and ready for a new home.

I am selling her for $185.00 plus shipping.

If interested contact me.

She will come to you in her box with her stand.

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